Chet’s Way Residence

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Chet's Way Residence

Cumberland, Maine

This passive solar home features a solar porch that is designed to let in an abundance of natural daylight in the colder seasons, while cutting off the steeper sun angles of the hotter months. The home adheres to an open concept, and spaces flow together while still being well-defined and providing privacy or separation where needed. This home is balloon framed, sealed, and very well insulated with dense-packed cellulose. It has a natural air change rate of 0.09/hr. (very tight for a 3000+sf. home). It was therefore designed with an ERV (energy recovery ventilator) to ensure the efficient provision of fresh air to the living spaces. For heat, a 90-tube evacuated solar collector array provides 100% of the domestic hot water needs and 40% or more of the remaining space heating. Finishes, materials, and products were chosen for their functionality and beauty as well as their “greenness” (low-embodied energy, resource efficiency, and low toxin levels).