Danforth Cove House

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Danforth Cove House

New Home In Coveside Neighborhood
South Portland, Maine

Our client desired a generous three bedroom house and a two car garage within a small buildable area and 26’ height limitation, on a small lot near Danforth Cove in South Portland. The design solution is a story-and-a-half home over a sunken garage.

The house is highly energy-efficient featuring a thick double-stud wall assembly, triple pane tilt-turn windows, and an energy recovery ventilator that provides fresh air to the tightly sealed exterior Envelope. The site and the neighborhood have a very strong vernacular aesthetic and the owner wanted to accentuate their positive features expressed in a language of cedar shingles, natural stone, and exposed rafter tails. The home design is organized around views to the east while capturing generous amounts of southern light.

Photo Credit: Sandy Agrafiotis