Millstream House

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Millstream house

LEED Silver Home - Freeport, Maine

This home, with R-10 slab, R-20 foundation, R-43 walls, and R-58 roof, is very well insulated. It also boasts a very impressive infiltration rate of 0.59 ACH50 (tight enough to meet Passivhaus's standard). The home is based on passive solar design principles, with overhangs designed to cut off the high angle solar rays in the summer, but allow in the lower angled rays of winter. The polished concrete floors act as the thermal mass for the house and moderate the temperature swings of the day. The house also features double-stud wall construction (with dense-packed cellulose) and deeply furred cathedral ceilings to minimize thermal bridging to the exterior. The house is Energy Star certified with a HERS rating of 36, and a LEED Silver certification. It has a 120 tube solar hot water collector that offsets 100% of the domestic hot water usage and provides an estimated 40% of the space heating requirements.