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Redfern House

LEED Platinum House- Portland, Maine

Redfern Properties had taken an interest in the ‘Sustainable, Attainable’ design and wanted to use it as a springboard for a slightly larger, less aggressively affordable, but equally green house. This home achieved a Platinum Rating. The proof of the value of this rating came when the house sold after being on the market for only a month, during the worst housing market in recent history. Other home sellers in the Portland area were green with envy.

The Redfern house features balloon framing with horizontal strapping on the interior of the studs to increase it’s effective insulation depth and minimize thermal bridging. It is also a passive solar house with distinctive exterior ‘shading doors’. The home also features PV solar panels as well as an array of solar hot water evacuated tubes to take care of the majority of home’s energy needs. The heat demand is so low in fact that the only backup is a small electric wall mounted boiler.