Royal River Home + Studio

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Royal River Home + Studio

New Home on the Royal River
North Yarmouth, Maine

Our client desired an energy efficient single-story home with detached garage and a separate artist’s studio capable of reaching net zero energy goals. The structures maximize views east to the river and have southern orientation for natural light and heat gain in the winter. Photovoltaic panels on the studio roof are designed to offset all the energy demand for both the home and studio.

The home features 12-inch thick double-stud exterior walls with dense packed cellulose, triple-glazed windows and doors, four inches of rigid insulation beneath the concrete slab, deep roof overhangs to control light on the south side, a highly efficient gas boiler, radiant in-floor heating, and an energy recovery ventilator to circulate fresh air. The exterior finishes were chosen for their natural beauty, low maintenance features and to blend with the earth tones found on site.

Photo Credit: Irvin Serrano