Green Design Studio

Looking for the Green Design Studio?  You found it.

Before Briburn, there was the Green Design Studio.  Chris Briley was the one and only principal, and upon teaming up with Harry Hepburn, they decided a name change was in order, not just as a way to celebrate their new partnership, but also because the word “green” had become co-opted and misused over the last decade.  Now, everyone seems to have a “green brochure”.  Every architecture firm seems to say, “Sure, we can do green buildings”.  The word, sadly, has become meaningless.  To some it means bamboo floors, to others it means energy efficiency, and even to others it means lowering one’s carbon footprint.

We chose to create a new word “BRIBURN” for our firm, and by committing ourselves to being at the forefront of building science, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly design, that word, we believe, will become synonymous  with authentically green buildings.  At BRIBURN, we design architecture for life.