Form follows function, but both follow life.

Sustainability is a metric of design.  No longer, in the architectural community, can there be great designs that also ignore a building’s impact on the environment, both in its creation and in its long term existence on this planet.  The buildings we design today must be a blessing to our future generations, not a burden.  We are at a pivotal place in the history of our environment and we take our role in it seriously.  At BRIBURN, our understanding of sustainability is deep and our commitment true.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of building science, energy efficiency, and the latest sustainable products and techniques.   While many other firms struggle to keep up with the latest energy codes (even while touting themselves as green) we are working on buildings that heat themselves almost entirely with the sun, offset the costs of high-performing building envelopes with less expensive mechanical systems, balance investment with savings, reduce consumption, increase durability, ensure high indoor air quality, and incorporate healthy, low-toxin, resource efficient materials.