The Nature Conservancy

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The Nature Conservancy In Maine

Interior Office Fit-Up (9,700 square feet)
Fort Andross Mill, Brunswick, Maine

WELL Building Standard™ certified
Pursuing LEED Gold certification

The office space is designed to attract, support and inspire their talented and motivated staff, and a space that encourages collaboration. Objectives included creating a space that supports staff well-being and productivity, models green and sustainable design, and inspires innovative and collaborative problem solving.

The new space features natural and recycled elements that artfully reflect our client’s mission - The curving wood wall is made from yellow birch sustainably harvested from the Conservancy’s own certified forest property in the St. John River valley, the carpet tiles underfoot are made from recycled fishing nets and the counter in the kitchen was crafted using historic log-drive lumber salvaged from the bottom of the Penobscot River.

Photo Credit: Sandy Agrafiotis