Maine Coast Waldorf High School

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Maine Coast Waldorf High School

New Construction (10,600 square feet)

PHIUS+ 2015 Passive House certified
Maine Advance Building certified

The Maine Coast Waldorf School requested a building that would support the high school’s increasing enrollment and their desire to bring the entire student body together on one campus. More than just a common school, their vision was a building that fosters creativity, inspires curiosity, demonstrates environmental stewardship, and honors the learning spirit within its occupants.

The design is comprised of flexible light-filled classrooms for learning, undulating halls, efficient support spaces, and creative community spaces. The building meets net-zero energy demands, has received Passive House certification through PHIUS and Maine Advanced Building certification. We achieved this through passive solar design, high insulation levels, efficient HVAC systems, daylighting controls and shading.

Photo Credit: Chuck Choi

, and careful attention to air-sealing and detailing Daylighting controls and window shading were among some of the innovative ideas used for comfort and energy conservation.